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The best way to proceed with help on your genealogy is to call, send in an e-mail, or letter, and advise us what your objectives are with your genealogy.  If you can tell us:

a)  if you are a member, or not, of the LDS Church.
b)  if your family has been in the Church four or five generations.
c)  if you are a convert to the Church.
d)  what nationalities are in your ancestry. 
e) or, if you have a specific research challenge.

We can then usually advise you, with no cost of obligation, of considerations to meet your genealogy goals.  Looking at your pedigree chart or charts, is always the best way to evaluate your family history.
Our main office is in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We travel regularly to most western states and appreciate being able to look at your information, and most particularly, meet with you and review and explain the results of our professional efforts.  For those clients who live outside of our traveling area, we communicate by phone, e-mail, fax, mail, Federal Express, United Parcel Service,  and once in a blue moon, may visit your area.
Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to communicate.