Let us find

your Ancestors



Our expertise lies in organizing, compiling, and verifying what families may already have.

Some individuals know nothing of their ancestry, while others have boxes of pedigree charts, family group sheets, histories, pictures, documents and certificates, and many duplicates of  these. Some families just want to solve, or find an elusive ancestor, while other families want to be certain what they have is complete, up to date and accurate.  For LDS families, most have a desire to find new ancestors and take eligible names to the temple for ordinance work.

Some ask us to conduct research to extend lines and find new generations, and present this in an organized professional format.


Write a biography of a person or family history, or locate a relate who has not been seen for years.  A corporation may engage us to research and compile a family tree for an esteemed customer, or retiring employee.



Most of the genealogy work conducted by our company is for Latter-day Saint Church members. 


A typical client is one who realizes that they don't have the time or expertise to effectively work on their own genealogy.  Often, they have collected and gathered information through the years and it sits, stagnant, becoming a source of worry and guilt.  Or, having taken genealogy classes and trying themselves to extend lines and find names for temple work, they have become frustrated at the little progress made and realize their time is more valuable in other pursuits.

We have assisted thousands of clients through the years with their genealogy.  It is very likely that we can list someone in your stake or region whom you are acquainted with that has, or is now, using our services.  Ask us for a reference in your area.
Our intent is simply to organize your family information if it needs it, extend your lines and allow you to submit names for temple work.  We are very much aware of what the Church has and is doing with family history work.  All of the names we provide in the Temple Ready format have been carefully checked to ensure the temple work is needed.   We know the history and workings of the Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, PAF Insight, the early efforts of the Temple Index Bureau, the work of the pioneering patron and archive files, the Ordinance Index, the International Genealogical Index and the wonderful Internet resources like rootsweb.com, ancestry.com, Familysearch.org and other various Internet websites.